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Why Should You Take the Patent Bar?

Your career in Patent Law begins with the PatBar® Patent Bar Review Course

There are many reasons why the Patent Bar Exam is critical to your professional development. Clearly, if you aspire to a career as a patent prosectution attorney or patent litigator, passing the patent bar is the foundation of your professional existence.

However, there are numerous other scenarios in which passing the patent bar serves as a valuable credential that will earn you not only significantly increased professional value and earning potential whatever your occupation, but also invaluable practical skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

Patents are the global currency through which companies and inventors define and protect their inventions. Needless to say, the business of patents is an enormously lucrative and robust industry, offering practitioners in the field almost unlimited earning potential. The patent industry is resilient, tending to be less affected by economic downturns than other industries.

Monetary considerations aside, becoming invoved in the business of patents is extremely rewarding, offering practitioners the chance to work on the most engaging and challenging scientific and legal issues, with complex subject matter. If you enjoy technology and science, becoming a patent practitioner is a brilliant choice. Patent agents and attorneys are highly regarded throughout all segments of our society and your skills will always be in high demand.

However, there is one hurdle that confronts all who seek entry to this exclusive club: the patent bar exam. Passing the patent bar is the only way to acquire a voice and a face before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In a nutshell, passing the patent bar is your ticket to interfacing with the USPTO, one of the most complex bureaucracies known to mankind. Mastering the material tested on the patent bar is the toolset that will allow you to strategically and effectively navigate the complex waters of the USPTO and obtain the best and most potent patents for your clients or yourself.