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Why Our Program Works

Our program is based on a unique 5-point strategy. We have specifically designed this strategy to give you the biggest chance of passing while not wasting your time.

  1. Introduced:
    You’ll get up to speed right away with our detailed instructions and find the material easy to learn with the mental framework provided by the Beginner’s Lectures.

  2. Streamlined:
    You’ll learn quickly with our detailed lectures and concise summaries.

  3. Modularized:
    You’ll manage your study time like a pro with our stand-alone modules that allow you to manage other activities and go at your own pace.

  4. Summarized:
    You’ll pick up concepts quickly and understand how the newest law impacts the exam questions.

  5. Simulated:
    You’ll know exactly what to expect on exam day with our Exam Simulation Suite, the most accurate practice available.